This is a quick episode to let you know that my new course, the Product Pathway, is launching next week and doors close this Saturday, August 22nd.

Imagine that you already have a successful product business…

You’ve launched that product that you’ve always dreamed about launching. Your business is booming and your customers rave about your products…plus you’re actually making money while you sleep!

What would it feel like to have created a brand and business of your own?

What if you had the freedom, time and money to do more of what you love?

Well, making progress on your idea means that you no longer need to wonder “what if”…you don’t need to have any regrets.

That’s why I am launching the Product Pathway.  The Product Pathway is a 6-week online course for aspiring productpreneurs who want to get their idea off the ground.

It’s designed to take you from idea (or no idea) to a validated product concept and profitable plan. 

Whether the product be in nutrition, printables, beauty, apparel or other, my proven process will help you.  We will work together to build your idea and plan.

This course is for you if:

  • You have a product idea but you’re not sure where to start
  • You don’t yet have a product idea but have always thought of launching a product
  • You have an offline business such as as retail store and want to launch a product to expand your business
  • You have an online service-based business and want to offer products to further serve your clients

This is the foundational content that I cover in my 6 month VIP coaching program and it’s what you need to get started on building your dream product biz.

The course starts on August 24th and runs for 6 weeks.  But hurry, the deadline to join is this Saturday, August the 22nd at midnight and I only have a few spots left.

You can sign up today by visiting:

OR book a discovery call if you’d like to chat about your particular business idea.  If you can’t find a time, email me at to chat with me before the doors close.

I hope to see you in the course!