You’re about to create a video for social.  You’ve got butterflies.  You’ve done your hair, makeup and you’ve rehearsed your lines.  You hit record and then … you forget what to say, stumble over your words and end up re-recording.  You do this a few times before you just archive the video and pretend it ever happened because why would someone want to see your messy video on social anyway when they can find other more perfect videos?

Sound familiar?

Why do we try to be perfect and like we’ve got it all together in front of others?  Why are we so scared of showing up?  What is holding you back from showing up more?

Tell me something, do you prefer to watch people who are perfectly polished or imperfect but genuine?  Most likely it’s the latter because you can relate to them!

In this episode, Kirsten Jordan, digital marketing strategist, talks about why and how to show up perfectly imperfect on social, as well as other digital strategies for productpreneurs.

She is such a wealth of information on all things digital.  You’ll learn:

  • Why SEO is so important for product businesses and what you can do to improve it
  • How being Perfectly Imperfect can help your social presence
  • The top 3 digital marketing elements to focus on when you’re just starting out
  • How to vary your content across platforms
  • Metrics to look for in your digital marketing

About Kirsten Jordan:

Kirsten is the founder of Kirsten Jordan Digital, the Perfectly Imperfect Podcast and the Perfectly Imperfect Social Media Course.

For over fifteen years, Kirsten has lived and breathed digital professionally and personally.  She’s worked in a variety of roles within the digital marketing space and is excited to bring those skills to the female entrepreneurial world. She’s a big believer in showing up genuinely on social media and is on a mission to help women embrace the idea that things don’t need to be perfect to launch or share.

Kirsten is a wife, mother of two young children and someone who one day hopes that they’ll remake 90210 again (3rd times a charm!). She’s equally passionate about building community and being a part of the community where she lives. In her spare time, she loves experimenting and coming up with new recipes in the kitchen, but hates mayonnaise. 


Links mentioned on the show:


Instagram: @KirstenJordanDigital

Podcast: Perfectly Imperfect Social


Her brands to watch on social: @thepinkstudiotoronto @sashandbustle  @mejuri  @bluboho

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