Last week, I spoke about having the right launch mindset.  Along the same theme, this week, we are speaking about a healthy mindset for everyday life that will set you up for success in business, relationships and happiness.

In this episode, Chris Swail, certified Health and Life Coach, speaks about the importance of mindset and tools that will help you take your mindset to the next level.

You’ll learn so much, including:

  • Top mindset blocks and how to overcome them
  • The one thing to improve your mindset today
  • The tool that will help you shift your mindset so that you finally believe in yourself
  • Taking little steps daily to move forward
  • Awareness Is the key to making change

About Chris Swail:

Chris is a certified Health and Life Coach who believes that everyone can achieve their dreams with the right mindset and by breaking goals into small steps. She works with busy moms who feel overwhelmed and bogged down by everyone else’s demands, take control of their time so they can go after their own goals and still show up for their family. Being in those shoes and then making incredible strides through life coaching lit the fire in her to become a coach herself so she can help other women get unstuck.


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