Mompreneurs, why do we care so much about what others think of us? Why does the opinion of anyone, even a stranger, have an impact on us?  Starting a business suddenly puts you in the public eye.  You need to promote yourself and your business and this can be daunting because you are now more likely to be judged. Many successful mom entrepreneurs will say that they have faced discouragement, negative criticism, and blame for neglecting their kids to run their business.

This guide is for all the mompreneurs out there who want to play big and go for it without worrying about how others perceive their life and the decisions they make!

What Other People Think is Not Your Business

Have you heard of this one?  I’ll say it again, “What other people think of you is NONE of your business”. When people see a successful mompreneur, they see a woman who has everything sorted! She has her own business, she takes care of her family, and she spends quality time with her kids. There will be people around you who care about you, encourage you, and support your decisions. But then, there will be people (strangers or even family members or friends) who will make some negative comments or think negatively about your actions.  Whenever someone directs their negative opinions towards you, remember that it’s their business and not yours, and let them think what they want to think about you!

You Have No Control Over Their Opinions

Let’s face it; you are a successful product entrepreneur, not a superhero! You don’t have any control over the opinions people have about you. Don’t make their opinions your priority, keep this in mind, and with time you’ll learn to ignore such people.

If You Truly Want To Serve, Focus On Giving

If you truly want to serve the world and bless others with your gifts, then it is selfish to allow what others think of you stop you from living your purpose.  Focus on sharing your gifts with the world, because the world needs more people like you!  Receiving some criticism is a good sign that you are making an impact on the world.

Rising Up Can Come With a Price

Have you heard about what happens when you put two or more crabs in a bucket? One crab alone can crawl out of a bucket, but two or more will pull down any crab who tries to climb out.  Like crabs in a bucket, people may try to pull you down so that you don’t rise up.  There may be people who want to keep you small and safe so that they feel better about themselves.  The best thing to do is to surround yourself with other successful women because they will be happy for your success.

Focus on Who You Are as a Person

Your fantastic mompreneur ideas have given you the life of your dreams; you have the help and support of your family so dealing with negative comments and trolls gets easy over time. As you grow as a businesswoman and a person, you will learn to identify who you are as a person.

Worrying about what others think of you, takes away your uniqueness and individuality. Instead of conforming to what others want you to be, focus on your uniqueness, and treasure what you’ve achieved. Being who you are is the key to success and happiness.

Their Disapproval Won’t Change Your Decisions

Think about how someone’s opinion affects you and your decisions as a person and as a mompreneur? If someone disapproves of something you’ve said or criticizes an action of yours, will you change your decisions based on their response? The answer to this is a big NO! Look at your decisions through your own perspective. Stop worrying about others and how they see you.  Let’s face it, running a successful business and a family is not everyone’s cup of tea.

They May Not be Thinking About You at All!

Maybe you’re so worried about what others think of you but actually, they are probably not thinking of you at all – they are thinking of themselves!  Other people are so worried about their own lives, that they are probably not even thinking about what you’re doing at all.  Sometimes, we make up stories in our heads that don’t serve us. So, it’s time to change those stories and think positively!

Stop worrying about other people’s opinions and start focusing on living a life you’ve always wanted by becoming a successful mompreneur!