Has this happened to you…you’re getting ready for work or an evening out and you’re struggling with putting on your bracelet.  That clasp just won’t attach. You’re in a rush and you don’t really have time for this!  It can be so frustrating!

In this episode, Alson Brett, Founder and Inventor of Clasp Magic shares her journey to developing and launching her invention.  Clasp Magic is a device that offers women the best and complete solution for helping them attach their own bracelets in seconds.

In this episode, you’ll learn about:

  • The steps Alison took to bring her product to the market
  • The prototyping and patent process 
  • The benefits and challenges with a crowdfunding campaign
  • The importance of visiting your manufacturer
  • And so much more

About Alison Brett

With a career in teaching children and a lifelong love for working with others, Alison Brett has enjoyed helping people and coming up with more efficient ways to complete daily tasks. She realized out of personal frustration that clasp bracelet attachment was a problem that not only she had. 

While women loved their bracelets, attaching them independently was a challenge. 

Clasps are used on bracelets as they are the most secure form of attachment. However, women are struggling to attach bracelets due to: long nails, a lack of time, being alone, or having minor dexterity issues. 

Thus, the concept for Clasp Magic was born. It is a device that offers women the best and complete solution helping them attach their own bracelets in seconds. 

Alison designed, prototyped, patented and launched Clasp Magic in 2019. This device offers the complete solution for clasp bracelet attachment. It holds the clasps in a secure and open position, allowing the user to place their wrist, connect the loop and in, and release.

Alison herself is a busy Mompreneur with four young children. Finding time each morning to get herself ready is a daily challenge and she is so thankful that she is now able to attach her bracelets in mere seconds…every time! 

She has received five Patents with the: USPTO, the CIPO, and the IPO. She was nominated, ‘One to Watch’ at the 2019 Mompreneur® Awards and has been nominated for RBC’s Women of Influence awards in 2020. 

She loves helping other inventors and women get started on their businesses. She hopes that her journey and story will inspire others. 

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