“In order to dismantle white supremacy, you must understand how white privilege is a key aspect of your life, how you benefit whether knowingly or unknowingly from your whiteness, what that means for people who do not receive the same benefits and how you can dismantle it.  You cannot dismantle what you cannot see.  You cannot challenge what you do not understand.”Layla F Saad, Me and White Supremacy.

This episode is recorded at a time when the Black Lives Matter movement is at the forefront of media around the world, surfaced by the recent horrific events that occurred against black people by police. These events have brought to life the inequality that coloured people have faced for far too long.  

The movement has inspired me to take a deep look into my own white privilege and see how I can personally take action in helping dismantle systemic racism.  It started with educating myself and I sought out books as well as trusted sources. 

One of the key people I turned to about this issue was Jennifer Singh, who has been very active in the conversation around inclusive marketing.  Jennifer is a thought leader in this area, having done several interviews including a media interview with Global News that aired across the country and three podcasts interviews on this topic, and has also created a webinar about this subject.

During this episode, we talk all about inclusive marketing.  You’ll learn:

  • Why it is important for all businesses
  • How making mistakes in this area is part of learning 
  • How inclusivity must be ingrained in your long term strategy
  • Why cultural appropriation may not be …appropriate  
  • What are some best practices and things to avoid as a brand, and so much more.


About Jennifer Singh:

Jennifer is a former TV reporter turned PR Strategist and Media Coach. She launched ‘She’s Newsworthy Media’ to help female entrepreneurs and business owners increase media attention for their brands by pitching their expertise to the media. So far she has helped over 35 women land media spots on all of the most popular TV shows (The Social, CP24 Breakfast, Breakfast TV just to name a few!).


Links mentioned in the show:




White Fragility, by Robin Diangelo

Me and White Supremacy, by Layla F Saad