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Serial entrepreneur success: Jackie Dinsmore

It’s rare to meet a serial entrepreneur that has had success in all of the companies she’s launched.  This person is Jackie Dinsmore.Jackie is a good friend of mine and someone I truly respect in business.   We first met when our boys went to pre-school together. We...

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Finding balance in a new business: Bomaternity

I love this interview - it was my very first one so it’s super special to me.  I have to say that the audio is not perfect and at first, I almost felt like re-recording.  But actually, I’d rather give it to you it as it is - in the raw, true way that we recorded it,...

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Why I launched this podcast

I created this podcast for female product-entrepreneurs (product-preneurs) who either have a product-based business or want to start one. My goal is to provide inspiration, real-life stories, and practical tools and insights to those women.Why a podcast? Because of 3...

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5 Ways to Increase Basket Size for Product Businesses

Increasing ‘Basket’ or ‘Cart’ size is key for product businesses, especially online businesses.  Basket size is the amount of money that a consumer is spending within one transaction.  Why is this important for product entrepreneurs?  Well, it’s much harder to find...

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10 Steps to Launching your Own Product

Have you ever thought about launching your own product?  A product, whether it's in nutrition, apparel, beauty, printable, or other, gives you the ability to create something physical for others to use and allows you to have a bigger impact.  If you have an existing...

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Mompreneurs, Stop Caring About What Others Think!

Mompreneurs, why do we care so much about what others think of us? Why does the opinion of anyone, even a stranger, have an impact on us?  Starting a business suddenly puts you in the public eye.  You need to promote yourself and your business...

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Managing Mom-Guilt 101

Mompreneur guilt is real!  No doubt you have experienced it at some point in your journey. Did you know that a research study indicates that in the U.S., four out of ten full-time working moms say they don’t get to spend enough time with their kids? We understand how...

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10 Sources Of Funding For Your New Product Business

Since we are aiming to help mompreneurs kick-start their business ventures, it’s time to talk about how to fund your project. An important component that will help you secure funding for your venture as a product entrepreneur is to prepare a financial plan. The plan...

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Nicole de Larzac

I am a product development and marketing coach who helps women create products that sell so they can live a life of freedom and success beyond the 9 to 5.

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