Today we meet a really interesting guest who invented a new product because she couldn’t find anything like it. You’ll hear her story of how it wasn’t as straightforward as she initially thought but it was so worthwhile in the end.

Jillian Coburn is an entrepreneur, inventor, writer, outdoors-woman, and mother of three, who is passionately committed to supporting and elevating women who have nowhere to turn and living under the shadows of domestic violence.

Jillian and her husband founded Mommy GoBag after discovering a need for having a stylish, military-grade bag for moms on the go. After constantly traveling with her 30-year Army veteran husband, Lonnie, and their children, for the military, she came up with the Mommy GoBag solution while at an airport dealing with her youngest child coming down with motion sickness. She wanted to give other moms the ability to be ready for any situation and look stylish at the same time while traveling. 

She is also the co-owner of NOLA Prestige Electric, a women/minority based contracting company. She founded the apparel line, Reel Housewives of the Deep South, in 2014, producing one-of-a-kind American-made designs for Southern women who love the outdoors and choose “cat-fishing over catfighting!”

Jillian spends her time on the lake or at home creating new books. She is a member of Texas Association Against Sexual Abuse, Entrepreneur Think Tank, and Women Warriors Collab.

I’d like to share a quote from Jillian that I love:

Because I think a lot of times as moms, we really, we, we don’t value ourselves.  We devalue ourselves and we don’t realize how important we are in the family unit.  And so that’s where my heart truly is at, but this was something fun that I wanted to do to know that I did it right.  And so I guess this whole learning experience has showed me how powerful I am.  And that’s a good feeling to know that I I’m worthy enough for anything.  I don’t need to depend on anyone.  I can depend on myself and she will always show up.

Such a great reminder to us all – we are worthy for anything.  You are worthy for anything.

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