I’m so thrilled to welcome this amazing female founder who decided to reinvent a very dull product and create something that is not only functional but also inspiring and extraordinary.

Kate Bouchard is a unique mix of creativity, and business savvy. She is the founder of Loba, a smart pill organiser, and Armature Collective, a marketing and branding company. When Kate suffered some health challenges in her twenties, she began a naturopathic treatment plan that required several daily supplements. When looking for a way to organize her medications and remember to take them, she couldn’t find a product to suit both her needs and her aesthetic, so she created Loba. Kate’s vision is to change the way we approach wellness and create cherished daily rituals. She believes strongly in giving back to arts and community services, and supporting personal development.

I loved my conversation with Kate. We talk all about

  • Developing a product with technology
  • Finding the right suppliers and partners
  • Navigating supply chain issues
  • Securing funding for your venture
  • The importance of starting with a solid brand strategy
  • And more

I’m sure you’ll find Kate’s story nothing short of inspirational.  

Links mentioned in the show:

Website:  https://shoploba.com

Instagram Kate: www.instagram.com/mskathrynanne

Twitter: www.twitter.com/mskathrynanne

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/katebouchard/

Instagram shop: www.instagram.com/shop.loba

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