In past episodes, you may have heard me speaking about building your email list using quiz building tools.  The main platform I recommend is Interact.  Well, I was thrilled when the co-founder of Interact reached out to me to be on this podcast.  All through the power of digital marketing, he saw that I linked to their site in one of my blog posts, and voilà…he thought there would be a great collaboration opportunity.  

So, it was my humble honor to speak with Josh Haynam, the co-founder and CEO of interact, a quiz creation tool used by more than 10,000 brands around the world.  He’s a lifelong entrepreneur, having started and bootstrapped interact for the last 10 years after founding it in college.

We speak about:

  • Why quizzes are so powerful for product businesses
  • Generating leads and sales through quizzes
  • How shoppable quizzes can be a great tool for ecommerce platforms
  • How quizzes are not only excellent for list building but also for conversion and retention
  • Where to promote your quiz

…And more

Enjoy the show!

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