I love interviewing entrepreneurs, especially those who are new to their business and might be going through the same challenges and opportunities that you’re facing in your business.  Today, we’re chatting with KJ Blattenbauer.

KJ is the creator of Pretty Peptalks, a high-end letterpress stationery brand based on the belief that life is better when lived in bright color. As a former publicist, KJ shared her signature brand of motivational tenacity with everyone from entrepreneurs to multi-national corporations to non-profits. In 2019, she published her first book, How to Be a Media Darling. Her second book, Pretty Pep Talks, is now available. KJ’s work has appeared in a variety of media outlets including the New York Times, Oprah Magazine, Forbes, Bloomberg, Cosmo, and HelloGiggles. She resides in Dallas, but you can find her online at prettypeptalks.com.

If you are interested in creating hand-made products, stationary or want to learn more about publicity for your business, then stay tuned.

We chat about 

  • The art of letterpress
  • Creating unique products
  • Running a successful kickstarter campaign
  • Working through challenges like supply chain issues
  • Transitioning from service to product-based
  • How to get great publicity for your brand
  • And more…

Enjoy this fun episode!

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