Welcome to the PP podcast and happy new year!  I hope that 2022 brings you so much joy, prosperity and good health.

It’s the first episode of the new year and we have some exciting guests for you this year.

I’m thrilled to introduce this week’s guest, Chloë Thomas – Best selling Author, International Speaker, and host of both the Award-winning eCommerce MasterPlan Podcast and the brand new Keep Optimising Podcast.

Chloë is one of the Top 30 eCommerce Influencers 2021 (Scurri), and her podcasts are regularly included in lists of the top eCommerce & marketing podcasts in the world.

Chloë Thomas has been in eCommerce since 2003; she’s worked client-side, agency-side, and adviser-side. Working with a wide variety of retailers from high street omnichannel operations to fresh online-only start-ups, covering international launches, subscription, B2B, and even dabbling in marketplaces.

Chloë’s specialty is solving eCommerce Marketing Problems, from how to increase new customer acquisition to improving the performance of email marketing newsletters or finding the right new website provider.

We chat about 

  • Ecommerce and how to grow your online store
  • How you can become more agile and adapt faster to the changing ecommerce landscape
  • Which marketing methods you’d be crazy not to use
  • Which marketing methods you should avoid right now
  • How you can build a closer relationship with your customers when you don’t see them face to face
  • And more…

If your product business has an eCommerce component, then tune in and take notes – this will be a very helpful episode as we learn from the eCommerce expert herself.

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eCommerce MasterPlan https://ecommercemasterplan.com/podcast

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Keep Optimising https://keepoptimising.com

On iTunes: https://podcasts.apple.com/hu/podcast/keep-optimising/id1522462412?uo=4&itscg=30200&itsct=podcast_box

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Chloe’s favourite book: How Bad are Bananas, Mike Berners-Lee https://howbadarebananas.com/

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