This show is just a perfect introduction to 2022, as we reflect on who we are and who we want to be.

According to this week’s podcast guest, “The greatest risk you’ll take is not risking anything and playing safe. Organised audacious risk can lead you to greater good.”
I’m excited to introduce you to Prati Bhatt, founder of Teaphoria and sustainable Innovation Expedition. 

Her mission is to get humanity to remember who they are. We are here on our soul mission and somewhere in the survival game we missed the point. She takes people on an incredible journey of finding their inner being and explores the planet via one blissful cup of tea. 

If you are someone who is at the crossroads of your life or know somewhere deep down within that you are made for bigger better things as your soul purpose, then join this global mission of “remembering who we are” 

We chat about:

  • The art of tea and the tea master’s role
  • The importance of creating your minimum viable product before getting it all perfect
  • How offering a personalized experience can propel a brand
  • How Prati managed to get hired by the Crown Plaza to create a customized tea
  • And more…

This episode is airing the day before New Years eve.  Happy new year to you!  

It’s been a roller coaster year for most people.  I know that I love taking time out at the end of the year to think about the past year and plan ahead for 2022. 
If you would like help with planning your year, go to (or here and download my free marketing plan workbook, and listen to episode 36 in the archives that will walk you through planning your best year yet.

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Sun salutation yoga


Her favourite book: Sadhguru and Sell like Crazy

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