In this episode, we dive into something that is super important but we don’t talk a lot about in the podcast – email marketing.  It is critical to your business success, considering the return on investment in email marketing is over 4000%!  If you think email is a thing of the past, think again!

You’ll learn about:

  • The many reasons why you need to focus on email marketing in your business 
  • How to use email marketing to bring your customers on a journey to becoming loyal customers and advocates
  • How to get prospects on your list
  • What incentives to give prospects to sign up for your emails
  • What to do once you have their email
  • How to still capture emails when customers buy from other platforms
  • And more

Links mentioned on the show

Hubspot – Email return on investment:

My Life Creative – Creative Affirmation Cards –

YETI customer experience –

Klayvio email system –

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