In this episode, we hear from two fabulous ladies who are on a mission to help small, women-owned businesses thrive.

Jenni Bourque and Katie Conliffe founded the Girl Gang Canada, an online collective of small, women-owned Canadian businesses. Their mission is to encourage shopping local, shopping Canadian and to help you see that your purchases have POWER. The Girl Gang Canada gives you access to unique goods and provides a platform to showcase the top Canadian creatives and service providers nationwide. Shop local, shop national, shop Canadian.

We chat about: 

  • The benefits of supporting small businesses
  • Why they focus on female owned businesses
  • How marketplaces can help small businesses succeed
  • How to grow an online store
  • Collaborating vs Competition

I loved speaking with these ladies and I’m sure you will learn so much as well as get the wheels turning for how your business can leverage marketplaces like theirs.

Let’s dive in!

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