I have the pleasure of introducing you to Katherine Earl.  Katherine and I met at a business group for moms and she reached out because she wanted some direction in her business. We had a ½ day strategy session and I fell in love with her product and business.  I just knew she was onto something big.

Katherine Earl has spent twenty years designing curricula and programs for children of all ages and socio-economic backgrounds. She has conceptualized and brought to life over 200 renowned arts based community development programs over the span of 15 years. Katherine is a consultant, certified teacher, program director, visual artist and mother of two. 

Her most recent accomplishment is creating My Life Playbook, an arts based mindset journal for kids promoting self awareness, self love and mindfulness. The book became the inspiration for her product based business – My Life Creative. 

Katherine’s life’s mission is to use the arts to create fun and interactive experiences that promote resilience, emotional wellbeing and personal growth in everyone, but especially children.

We chat about

  • How using intuition can help guide your creative process
  • The power of personal development, flow and not worrying about the outcome
  • Leveraging PR for your product business
  • How a vision and brand strategy can clarify the direction for your business and products
  • And more

Links mentioned on the show:

Website: www.mylifecreative.com 

Instagram: @mylifecreativekids.

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