It’s always so inspiring to hear from an entrepreneur who organically grows their business from the ground up.

Keya James is Co-Founder and CEO Tailored Beauty, a suite of handmade products to help the entire family achieve their healthy hair goals.  

Keya James has been nurturing her passion for healthy hair and hair care for almost 30 years.  In 2010, Keya began her natural hair journey after doing research on healthy hair care practices. She wanted to focus on retaining her length, so she used numerous products.

She noticed that there were lots of products on the market, but the commercial products would contain lots of artificial ingredients causing her to question what she was using on her hair.

In 2011, Keya began her YouTube channel, where you can still find her today, to showcase her personal natural hair care journey. Everything Butter, Tailored Beauty’s signature multi-purpose moisturizer, first debuted there.  On her channel, she shared tutorials featuring Keya and her beautiful daughter, Summer. Her videos on YouTube showed her audience just how effective the products were for her and her daughter’s hair. It created a demand for the products; her subscribers were persistent in requesting batches of the Everything Butter.

As Keya’s channel and products grew in popularity, Keya began selling Everything Butter to consumers via a popular online site.  Together, Keya’s husband Aaron and Keya formally launched Tailored Beauty in 2016.  

As a licensed therapist, Keya uses her clinical background to educate and help her customers find solutions for their hair. Today Tailored Beauty has a suite of handmade products to help the entire family achieve their healthy hair goals. Keya is a respected influencer in the natural hair care space and looks forward to growing the Tailored Beauty brand one “curlfriend” at a time.

Tailored Beauty products can currently be found in select Walmart stores and regional beauty supply stores as more retail chains come on board this year.

We talk about:

  • Scaling a handmade product business to a mass-produced business
  • Growing a youtube audience and launching products on Youtube
  • Leveraging retail to grow
  • How Keya pays it forward through her Brand Ambassador program
  • And more

Enjoy this episode!

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