Pop the champagne!  Welcome to the big 5-0…Episode 50!  Thank you for supporting this podcast throughout its journey!

If you’re a maker or want to get into handmade goods, this next episode is for you.  

We speak with Dana Midkiff, founder of Pink Door Wreaths.

Dana started as a CPA, got her accounting degree, passed the exam, did the 9‐5 for many years.  In 2013, when her 2nd child was six months old, she was trying to figure out how to pay off some credit card debt so she browsed pinterest for something she could make.  Wreaths stuck and she pursued it very hard.  Fast forward to October of 2015, when she had an Etsy shop and several employees.  

Amazon Handmade as a category opened and she set up shop for before it went live in October 2015.  Just two short years later, she was able to quit her office job to pursue this full time.  Since then, she has moved two warehouses, surpassed 7 figures and never looked back.  

We talk about:

  • How Dana stumbled upon making wreaths and grew it from a side-hustle to a 7-figure business
  • The power of using Etsy as a platform for launching a handmade business
  • How Amazon Handmade and Amazon FBA catapulted Dana’s business
  • Dana’s #1 tip for scaling a product business
  • And more  

Sit back and enjoy!

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