Increasing ‘Basket’ or ‘Cart’ size is key for product businesses, especially online businesses.  Basket size is the amount of money that a consumer is spending within one transaction.  Why is this important for product entrepreneurs?  Well, it’s much harder to find new customers than it is to sell more to existing customers.  So if you have a consumer who is already going to spend money on your products, you’ll want to maximize the opportunity!

What are the key promotional ideas you can use to encourage your customers to buy more of your products at once?  You’ll want to be really strategic with it, and not just offer deep discounts that cause you to go into losses.  Here are some of the top strategies that I recommend:

Buy Two Get One Free

Multiple purchase offers, like ‘Buy Two Get One Free’ or ‘Buy Three for $___’ typically work well. It helps the consumer because they are keen to get more in one nominal price and with this offer, you will give them just that. This usually works best with food items or consumables because people plan on getting deals to stock up.

Free Shipping with Minimum Purchase

Free Shipping with minimum purchase (e.g. $50) is a great way to increase sales on your website. When the shipping cost is more than the item itself, most people will abandon their cart. By offering free shipping with a minimum purchase, you’re encouraging them to buy more items on their purchase, which will automatically result in larger shopping carts.

Promo with Minimum Purchase

You can give your customers Promo Codes and coupons that unlock at a minimum purchase, for example $100, and you can use that promo code to give 20% off the next time you purchase. This will encourage people to get that promo code by shopping for a $100 and then using the code next time they purchase.

Limited Time or Quantity Products

Introduce an ‘in-out’ product and make it available only for a limited time or while supplies last. The best way to do this is to create a new and trendy variety or seasonal variety of one of your best selling items.  If the product is already popular, then the limited edition version will most likely create scarcity and cause your customers to stock up. This limited time offer will absolutely help your sales increase and top the shopping carts of your customers.


Suggest complimentary products that complement their purchase, or create bundle offers that will upsell your consumers to buy a few products for a better value. Do you notice that Amazon recommends other products that people also often buy along with that item? They have got this tactic covered.  If using a Shopify website, there are many apps that help with upselling, such as the Bold Upsell app, which is one that we’d recommend.

These are of course just a few of the amazing strategies that you can implement to increase basket size.  Try one of them and let us know how it works for you!