We have a fun episode for you.  If you think you have a niche business or are thinking of launching one, you’ve got to listen to this. 

Meet Jasmine Norrie, creator of Wicker Darling.  Wicker Darling was born from a very specific desire for a wicker flamingo bag. A long term collector of novelty and wicker bags, Jasmine was unable to find a wicker flamingo to add to her collection. Jasmine wondered if she might be able to design one herself. Nearly a year passed between the conception of the idea and hands-on final product, but the immediate popularity of the design demonstrated Jasmine wasn’t alone in her love of colourful, ridiculous statement handbags!

Less than four years after inception, Wicker Darling offers local – and international! – customers new and original designs in limited, exclusive numbers, showcasing the craftsmanship of select Filipino ateliers, whilst appealing to the inherently playful fashion sensibilities of her customer base.

We talk about:

  • How you can fill a market void with a niche product  
  • How Jasmine had to ask over 50 suppliers before finding one that could make her product
  • How she steadily and organically grew her brand design by design
  • Creating scarcity and demand through pre-ordering
  • Outsourcing your weaknesses

It was a delight to speak with Jasmine.  She is a truly colourful person who makes you feel like you’ve got to wear her gorgeous and unique statement bags!  

Enjoy the show!

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/wickerdarling

Website: https://wickerdarling.com/

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