Have you thought about how faith can help your business?  Do you feel like you have to keep it separate or hush hush?

This guest is about to change your perception of combining faith with business.  I have the pleasure of speaking with Lola Tomorrow, Visionary, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and Founder of The Tomorrow Experience.  

Lola Tomorrow is the brains and power behind The TMRWLive! Virtual Experience. She is an accomplished Events Executive with more than 15 years of experience curating highly successful and revenue-generating corporate events, galas, conventions, and industry conferences.

Her mission with TMRWLive is to help faith-driven women in business gain access to community, capital and connections to expand their reach, impact, and influence globally.

Former Aide to Michelle Obama, multi-industry influencer, philanthropist, angel investor, executive director, and multiple six-figure earning event and business strategist are just some of the hats that Lola wears. Her unique gift is such, creating strategic connections to maximize the impact of women and business leaders globally.

We chat about:

  • How faith and business can go hand in hand
  • Mindset tips to build a 7 figure business
  • How vision can help you raise funds and make things happen
  • The importance of mentors
  • And so much more

This was an inspiring conversation and it certainly made me think differently about how I incorporate my faith into my business, and I hope it helps you think about your own.

Highlights from Lola’s background:

  • Former National Advance Associate for former First Lady Michelle Obama.
  • Successfully managed and curated more than 300 profitable events.
  • Organizer and Creator of TEDxWillowCreek,
  • Single-handedly raised more than $500,000 for numerous not-for-profit initiatives and star-studded community events.
  • Founder and Executive Director of iGlow (Inspiring Girls to Lead Our World) Mentoring which serves 3,000+ girls in the Chicago metro area.
  • Financed and escorted a trip for 21 young women from iGlow on an all- expenses-paid cultural experience to London and Paris. This opportunity provided the recipients world-class training in cross-cultural exploration and global travel. 
  • As we face this global economic shift, she feels called to equip women to retool their business strategies, reinvent themselves, and inspire them to lead the way in our ever-changing economy. TMRWLive! Virtual Experience was born out of her desire to empower women to trailblaze their own path to success.


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