Are you curious about creating a product from scratch – actually create it with your own hands – and market it yourself?  Makers, creators, artists, listen up!  This next guest does it all from product formulation to marketing, selling and shipping.

Today we welcome Jazmine Stinson, Holistic Nutritionist and Clinical Herbalist, and creator of Little Tree Wellness & Apothecary and Wild Hearts Botanicals.. 

Jazmine is the mother of two small kids and has over 10 years experience in natural health, with a passion for women, children and family wellness. She created the Little Tree line when pregnant with her first child and looking for clean, effective and botanically focused products.

Through her personal and professional experiences, she found a true calling working with the plants to create exceptional, luxurious and functional products that support the whole family.

Jazmine has recently launched her new line, Wild Hearts Botanicals, specializing in botanical wellness teas, tonics & syrups. 

Both her brands are eco-conscious, using all natural and organic ingredients with minimal recyclable and compostable packaging. Local and ethically wildcrafted herbs are used when available. All products are handmade using high preforming botanicals that are free from harsh ingredients, toxins and animal testing.

You’re going to learn:

  • How Jazmine created her line of botanically based products
  • The importance of prioritizing the needs of customers first when creating new products
  • The ins and outs of claims and food labelling
  • How she managed to get on the top Canadian book retailer’s gifting platform

And more…

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