Have you thought about creating a new invention but not sure what’s involved?  This guest is going to blow your mind with his knowledge of the inventor world.  

Leslie Mann is an inventor, entrepreneur, photographer and has a fascinating story.  He is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to inventions, retail  and manufacturing.

You’ll learn all about:

  • The process to get from idea to invention
  • Types of patents and how to know when to get one
  • Grassroots vs. mass retail and the pros and cons of each type of launch
  • What to watch out for when bringing your product to market
  • And so much more


About Leslie Mann

Leslie G. Mann was born December 5th, 1961 in Toronto, Canada. He studied Landscape Architecture at the University of Guelph, Ontario before embarking on his entrepreneurial career. 

In 1991, Leslie traveled to Hong Kong in search of a manufacturer for his first product concept. This initial visit translated into a 5-year stay where he set up his first company, San-Ban International. Within one year, Leslie and his newly found Chinese partner set up a factory in Shenzen, China with a corresponding office in Hong Kong. Leslie then went on to learn the native language while producing and selling what is now known as the “Bubble Line” of watches and key-chains. 

After setting up a solid manufacturing and sales force in Asia, Leslie moved back to the United States settling in Davidson, NC. His first USA based company, Boink Product Innovation Group (BPIG) was located in an old mill. BPIG, initially sold the bubble line of key-chains as a promotional item to companies like MTV, Coca-Cola, General Mills and Kellogg’s before introducing a modified version for the retail community. Leslie’s passion for toys led to the company’s first significant design/manufacturing contract which came from Feld Entertainment, who produces shows like Ringling Brothers Circus and Disney on Ice. 

Over the years, Leslie branched out designing and producing a range of consumer products that are currently being sold into major retailers all over the world. In 1999 Leslie started focusing on developing “Brands” for companies like Lowe’s and Coca-Cola. Mann Creative Partners (MCP) www.manncp.com MCP continues to create brands and develop brand awareness programs for retailers. 

With an extensive background in designing, developing, manufacturing and selling consumer products direct to retailers, Leslie realized that the business of helping inventors introduce their product concepts to actual retail buyers needed a boost. This gave birth to www.invent2retail.com a full turnkey product idea to retail concept development agency that is endorsed by the United Inventors Association (UIA). What set’s i2R aside from other invent help business models is that Leslie will only take on product concepts that he believes will win the audience of a retail buyer (merchandiser). He likes to say “the only good idea, is one that end’s up on a retailers shelf” 

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