Mahi Skin with CBD Combats the Effects of Aging, Pollution and More

Do you know about the benefits of having CBD in skin care?  This entrepreneur has jumped on the opportunity of combining this new, hot ingredient with skin care to combat the effects of aging, pollution, acne and more.

In this episode, we speak with Sunandini Verma, founder of Mahi Skin, a CBD based skin care line, and also of Amrev Media – a marketing and technology solutions company. 

You’ll learn so much about launching into the CBD world, including:

  • The challenges of working in the CBD industry in Canada
  • Marketing a new product in a competitive industry
  • Ways to market your brand when you’re not allowed to advertise
  • Tools to manage multiple businesses or projects

And so much more

About Sunandini Verma

Sunandini Verma is the founder of Amrev Media Inc –a marketing and technology solutions company. She studied Communications and Broadcast Journalism and did the whole TV / movie world for a bit. That journey allowed Sunandini to travel and gain experience in different corners of the world. Post broadcasting, Sunandini decided to transition into her own business since marketing comes naturally to her as she grew up around business. Sunandini since then has launched multiple different businesses such as a CBD based skin care line, Mahi Skin. She’s also helped businesses create and launch their apps, grow through marketing and help them increase their revenue

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