Do you have a service-based business and wonder how offering a product might help you further serve your clients?

My guest this week is Danielle Binns, who created her product suite out of the need to help the clients she serves in her nutrition business.

Danielle Binns is a Certified Nutritionist, Picky Eating Expert, and Company Wellness Consultant. She’s also a mom of three who has over 15 years of experience working in the corporate world and experienced picky eating firsthand with her first daughter. Today she has helped thousands of families (and employees) around the world adopt healthier habits. With her revolutionary Curious Cookie mealtime games, kids are trying new foods faster and without a fight. Every family needs them on their kitchen table.

This episode is chock full of nuggets, including:

  • Danielle’s journey to becoming a product-based business owner
  • How Danielle developed her products and what need they serve
  • Why having a product-based business is beneficial for her service-based business
  • How Danielle is scaling her business today 
  • How families and kids’ lives have changed thanks to her product

Enjoy the show!

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