How do you build a magnetic brand? What’s the secret sauce behind landing dream collaborations and scaling your product-based business?  Why is mastering your mindset the foundation for all successful businesses?


You’re going to love this episode with Anna Lozano. Anna co-founded Love Powered Co., an affirmation company that brings mindfulness to families around the world. She has experienced big success (and challenges!) in product based business, network marketing, and coaching over the last 12+ years that have made her some sort of magician when it comes to mentoring other female entrepreneurs in embodying their own success stories. 


What’s your big vision? Whether it’s to start, scale, or sell the business of your wildest dreams – she is here to support you!


This episode is chock full of nuggets, including:

  • Anna’s uncommon journey into entrepreneurship
  • How to build a magnetic brand
  • Balancing masculine and feminine energies 
  • The power of outsourcing 
  • Being okay with hearing ‘no’
  • Partnering with Jillian Harris
  • Tips for selling your product-based company
  • Scaling your brand awareness

Enjoy the show!


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