This is one of my favorite episodes.

It was an honor and a privilege to interview this VERY special guest, Lia Valencia Key, founder of VALENCIA KEY Jewelry.  From growing up in a homeless shelter to rising above her circumstances and growing a wildly successful jewelry business, Lia is an inspiration to all that anything is possible for all of us.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How Lia grew up in poverty and almost went down the wrong path until her mother changed the trajectory of her life with one simple question
  •  The power of speaking your dreams into the world, even when the odds are stacked against you
  • How she made it to college even though her mother could not afford to put food on the table
  • The power of using core values to make decisions in life
  • How she created a jewelry brand that inspires others to follow their dreams
  • The incredible accomplishment of winning QVC’s Big Find competition and the mindset behind ‘selling’
  • How to know when to call it quits or when to never give up and keep going after your dreams 

And so much more…

About Lia Valencia Key:

Raised in very humble beginnings, a super impoverished neighborhood of Philadelphia, Lia Valencia Key lived in a homeless shelter with her mother, sister, and brother . Even in such dark times her mom told her “your predicament does not determine your destiny.” Lia’s Mother believed she had a light inside that shined like sparkling earrings. Lia’s mother would say “never dim your Light”. She encouraged Lia to never leave the house without wearing her sparkling earrings, because they would serve as reminders of the light within her.

Lia went on to rise above her challenges and obtained a master’s degree, became a licensed cosmetologist and stylist. She learned that all dreams are possible, and her mother’s words inspired her to choose joy and radiate light. Those keys to happiness are the messages she spreads through Valencia Key Jewelry. The mission of Valencia Key Jewelry is for all wearers to not only choose joy and light, but to also shine reflecting that light outwardly, as to positively affect all of those around them.

A resonating message of Valencia Key Jewelry is “If I can, you can.” The ethos of the brand is a stylized star key, meant to represent the philosophy that Joy and gratitude are the key to happiness. It is within each of the designs.

Lia reaches back to where she comes from, going to women’s homeless shelters, educating on the Key to Light -how to rise up out of rough environments. VALENCIA KEY Jewelry’s Light has just been recognized to Win QVC’S BIG FIND competition which launched on QVC.

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