Did you start your product business and have since fallen out of love with it? It’s okay to pivot and start over with something new. My guest, Kathy Fernandez, is a former client and product business owner. 

In this episode, she shares how she fell out of love with her first product business, and how she pivoted and started a new product business that was more in line with her passion – education.

Kathy is the founder of the Guided Teacher Planner, KEZ Education, as well as her previous product brands, the Haliburton Hoodie and Conscious Cottager. Kathy has been an educator for 20 years. She’s a mentor, course and curriculum writer, professional development presenter and facilitator and works at building teacher capacity through in-school leadership. She believes that all students are capable of learning and that teachers just need the support and resources to help them do that. She’s a lifelong learner and would be a full time student if she could!

This episode is chock full of nuggets, including:

  • Kathy’s journey to entrepreneurship
  • What surprised Kathy about launching a product business that she didn’t know before
  • Ideation, testing concepts, and the lessons she learned
  • Shifting your brand proposition
  • The process of changing the name of her product
  • Switching gears and starting a new product business
  • Getting her product on Amazon
  • How she launched her new product business
  • Kathy’s lightning round

Enjoy the show!

Links mentioned in the show:

Website: https://www.kezedc.com/ 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lovetolearn_kf/ 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/lovetolearn_kf

LinkedIn :https://www.linkedin.com/in/kathy-fernandez-59164a209/?originalSubdomain=ca

Guided Teacher Planner: https://www.amazon.com/Guided-Teacher-Planner-Kathy-Fernandez/dp/B09WCJT4WD/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=guided+teacher+planner&qid=1649082530&s=books&sr=1-1

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