How do you grow and market your products in an organic way? We can leverage Facebook groups, other social media platforms, and email marketing. My guest, Charlotte Smith, shares how she scaled her business to 75k in sales in 2021 using these exact strategies.

Charlotte is a mother of 3, master of chemistry, and maker of soap. She started her own journey of soap making in 2018 and hasn’t stopped since. She named her business Soaps by a Chemist because she wanted her customers to know that she was making quality soaps with ingredients that could be understood by a chemist they could trust.

This episode is chock full of nuggets, including:

  • [1:45] How Soaps By A Chemist got started
  • [3:40] The key difference that sets Charlotte’s soaps apart from the rest
  • [7:00] How Charlotte marketed her business and company at launch
  • [8:55] Tips to managing time and scaling your business
  • [10:50] How virtual events work
  • [15:40] How Charlotte uses freebies to grow her email list
  • [20:25] Strategies to get repeat sales
  • [28:10] Tips for ‘managing it all’ while running a busy household
  • [32:00] Lightning round: get to know Charlotte 

Enjoy the show!

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