It’s no secret that it’s becoming more and more difficult for first-time homebuyers to enter the housing market without the help of the ‘bank of mom and dad’.  Now, there is a ‘product’ that helps solve this challenge…

It is my great honor to introduce you to Alex Kjorven, a changemaker and senior executive of a revolutionary startup called Ourboro.  

We typically discuss physical products on the podcast, but Ourboro has a different type of product…the “Product” at Ourboro is using financial tools to create a new way for first-time homebuyers to break into the housing market and start creating wealth.

Alex has dedicated her career toward working with enterprises and organizations that are using business tools to solve social or environmental issues. She is currently Chief Product Officer at Ourboro Inc., an investment fund purchasing homes alongside families that would otherwise not have access to homeownership.  

Alex is a graduate of Rotman Commerce at the University of Toronto and holds a Masters in Environmental Science and Management from Ryerson University. She has held a number of senior management roles in various non-profit and for profit organizations. Her contributions to social and financial innovation was recently recognized by the Globe & Mail with their 2022 Report on Business Changemakers Award.

Alex is also an avid artist and environmentalist, where her paintings of glaciers and frozen landscapes serve as visual time capsules of what we stand to lose in the face of climate change.

This episode is chock full of nuggets, including:

  • The importance of education when launching a new concept or invention 
  • The stages of launching a financial product
  • How consumer feedback can help refine your product and messaging
  • How to scale your marketing efforts through testing and learning
  • Letting go and empowering your team as you scale

Enjoy the show!

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